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4X Dishwasher Top Basket Roller For Electrolux Simpson Westinghouse 0238477064K

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4X Dishwasher Top Basket Roller For Electrolux Simpson Westinghouse 0238477064K

* High temperature test pass
Includes small plastic retaining clip.
* 100% Brand New
* AU Stock, Sent out from NSW within 1 business day.

Wheel diameter - 22mm, total width - 37mm, the distance between wheels - 45mm. Pale grey colour.

Color: Gray

Package Included: 
4X Dishwasher Basket top Wheels /  Rollers assy
4X Retaining Clip

Compatible Models:
Replaces part numbers: 0238400056, 0238400056K, 0238400057, 0238477064K, DWM037, DWS827, 1611644 1611986

Suitable for the following models: 
Electrolux: SB905WH*01 52B870SJ*00 SB921SH*00 SB921KH*00 SB921WH*00 SB920SH*00 SB920WH*00 SB907SJ*01 SB907WJ*01 52B850WJ*02 52B850SJ*02 52B850WJ*01 52B850SJ*01 52B850WJ*05 52B850WJ*07 52B850SJ*07 SB907WJ*08 SB907SJ*08 SB907WJ*07 SB907SJ*07 SB932SH*00 SB931SH*00 SB930SH*00 52B985SH*00 52B855SH*00 SB907WJ*10 SB907SJ*10 SB907WJ*09 52B980WH*01 52B980SH 52B950WH*01 52B850WH*01 52B850SH SB907WJ*03 SB907SJ*03 SB907WJ*02 SB907SJ*02 SB907WJ*00 SB907SJ*00 52B850WJ*00 52B850SJ*00 SB922SH*01 SB921WH*01 SB921SH SB921KH SB920WH*01 SB920SH 52B970WD*00 52B971WD*00

Simpson: 52B850SJ*05, 52B850WJ*05, 52B850SJ*03, 52B850WJ*03, 52B850SJ*04, 52B850WJ*04, 52B850SJ*07, 52B850WJ*07, 52B850WJ*08, 52B850SJ*01, 52B850WJ*01, 52B850SJ*02, 52B850WJ*02, 52B850SJ*00, 52B850WJ*00, 52B855SH*00, 52B850WH*04, 52B855SH*04, 52B850SH*01, 52B850WH*01, 52B870SJ*06, 52B870WJ*06, 52B870SJ*07, 52B870WJ*07, 52B870SJ*05, 52B870WJ*05, 52B870SJ*03, 52B870WJ*03, 52B870SJ*01, 52B870WJ*01, 52B870SJ*04, 52B870WJ*04, 52B870SJ*00, 52B870WJ*00, 52B870SJ*02, 52B870WJ*02, 52B890SJ*05, 52B890WJ*05, 52B890SJ*03, 52B890WJ*03, 52B890SJ*01, 52B890WJ*01, 52B890SJ*04, 52B890WJ*04, 52B890SJ*00, 52B890WJ*00, 52B890SJ*02, 52B890WJ*02, 52B950WH*04, 52B950WH*01, 52B985SH*00, 52B980WH*04, 52B985SH*04, 52B980WH*01, 52B980SH*01

Westinghouse: SB907SJ*09, SB907WJ*09, SB907SJ*05, SB907WJ*05, SB907SJ*06, SB907WJ*06, SB907SJ*03, SB907WJ*03, SB907SJ*02, SB907WJ*02, SB907SJ*07, SB907WJ*07, SB907SJ*08, SB907WJ*08, SB907SJ*04, SB907WJ*04, SB907SJ*00, SB907WJ*00, SB907SJ*01, SB907WJ*01, SB905WH*04, SB905WH*05 SB905WH*01, SB907SJ*10, SB907WJ*10, SB915KJ*03, SB915SJ*03, SB915WJ*03, SB915KJ*02, SB915SJ*02, SB915WJ*02, SB915KJ*05, SB915SJ*05, SB915WJ*05, SB915KJ*04, SB915SJ*04, SB915WJ*04, SB915KJ*00, SB915SJ*00, SB915WJ*00, SB915KJ*01, SB915SJ*01, SB915WJ*01, SB925SJ*03, SB925SJ*02, SB925SJ*05, SB925SJ*04, SB925SJ*00, SB922SH*01, SB921WH*04, SB920WH*01, SB921KH*01, SB921SH*01, SB921WH*01, SB925SJ*01, SB920WH*04, SB921KH*04, SB930SH*04, SB932SH*04, SB920SH*01, SB930SH*00, SB931SH*00, SB932SH*00, SB931SH*04

Dishlex: DX102SJ*03, DX102WJ*03, DX102SJ*02, DX102WJ*02, DX102SJ*01, DX102WJ*01, DX102SJ*00, DX102WJ*00

Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only


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