LG refrigerator water filter for Australian households Sparesbarn

LG refrigerator water filter for Australian households

Water is very important to the human body, it keeps us alive and completes various life activities. People are inseparable from water, so ancient humans chose to live near rivers and lakes just to get water easily, which is why most human civilizations originated in river basins.

Now the way we get water is very simple, drinkable water is available from the refrigerator, tap and bottled water. The refrigerator is a great invention in every sense. One of the most important parts for drinking water is the filtration of water: Water Filter Element

Many kinds of refrigerators used in Australian households, such as Samsung, LG...Yes, maybe people don't care about this, but about the water filters they need to change every few months. Here are some common water filters for you!

LG Fridge water filters in Australia households

  • LT500P
  • LT700P
  • LT800P
  • LT1000P
LG LT500P fridge water filter ADQ72910901

LT500P Filter

Suitable for almost all LG side-by-side refrigerators that use internal short-fat cartridges. Replace Part No. ADQ72910901, ADQ72910902, ADQ72910907, ADQ72910911

LT700P water filter replacement

LT700P Filter

Siutable for LG refrigerators with forward french doors and four-door dispensing models. Replace Part No. ADQ36006101, ADQ36006102

LG LT800P fridge water filter ADQ73613401 - Sparesbarn

LT800P Filter

Suitable for LG refrigerators with LT800P, LT800PC, LT800PWF filter. Replace Part No. ADQ73613401, ADQ73613401-S, ADQ73613408.

LG LT1000P fridge water fitler - Sparesbarn

LT1000P Filter

Suitable for LG refrigerators with LT1000P, LT1000PC, LT1000PCS filter. Replac Part No. ADQ74793501, ADQ74793503, ADQ74793502

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