New Product: Vacuum Cleaner Bags Electrolux E201S E54AB Sparesbarn

New Product: Vacuum Cleaner Bags Electrolux E201S E54AB


New product on line, vacuum cleaner filter bag E201S. (View Details) It has strong compatibility and is suitable for many types of vacuum cleaners.

vacuum cleaner bags E201S E210S

Made from resistant synthetic material that results in optimum air flow and allows your vacuum cleaner to maintain constant suction power as the dust bag fills up. Automatically seals when removed, preventing spillage and making bag changes clean.


Suitable for many brands and models: Philips, Tornado, AEG, Volta.

Menalux 1800, T197, T171, Stokes V7250, V8525, Qualtex SDB190, SDB191, SDB228 & Anlin AF201, AF459, Electrolux E54AB, E54N, E41N, E200BF, E201B, E202B, E203B, E206B, E210S, QuickFit QB131, Unifit UNI206……

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