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1.5M Long Aquastop Safety Inlet Hose for Delonghi DEDW645S DEDW634SI DEDW645W

1.5M Long Aquastop Safety Inlet Hose for Delonghi DEDW645S DEDW634SI DEDW645W

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1.5M Long Aquastop Safety Inlet Hose For Delonghi DEDW645S, DEDW634SI, DEDW645W


  • 3/4 pipe, max temp 90°, max pressure 10bar,
  • TUV &VDE certification
  • 100% brand new
  • Total Length of the whole hose and head connecter: 1.5 metre
  • Inlet speed: 2.5 litres per minute
  • 220-240V 50-60HZ
  • Package Included: 1x Aquastop Inlet Hose

Note: if the wire connector can not fit, please cut the old wire connector and connect it to this new hose.

Compatible Models:

Bellini: BDW127W-F, BDW127X-F, BDDW605W, BDDW605X-F, BDW127S-F, BDW96W-F, BDW96W, BDW96X, BDW96X-F, BDW127W, BDW127S, BDW127X, BDW127

Miele: G1020 G1021 G1022 G1023 G1041 G1042 G1102 G1120 G1130 G1140 G1142 G1143 G1150 G1151 G1152 G1162 G1170 G1171 G1172 G1173 G1174 G1180 G1182 G1183 G1190 G1191

G1200 G1202 G1220 G1220SC G1221PLUS G1222 G1222LABOR G1224 G1225 G1225SC G1230 G1232 G1235 G1242 G1243 G1244 G1245 G1252 G1255 G1262 G1270 G1272 G1274 G1275 G1282 G1283 G1285 G1287 G1290 G1291 G1292 G1293 G1297

G1320 G1330 G1343 G1344 G1355 G1370 G1383 G1384

G1420 G1422 G1430 G1432 G1442 G1470 G1472 G1482 G1502 G1520 G1530 G1531 G1532 G1534 G1552 G1554 G1562 G1570 G1572 G1574 G1582 G1584 G1630 G1670 G1672 G1674

G1730 G1732 G1734 G1832 G1833 G1834 G1870 G1872 G1874

SMEG: DWA314*D DWA314*W DWA214S DWA214W DWA314SD1 DWA314X DWA315B DWA315W DWA315X DWA4510X DWA4510X2

DWA6214S DWA6214S2 DWA6214W DWA6314B DWA6314B2 DWA6314W

DWA1314 DWA1315 DWA16D15XT DWA6314X DWA6315 DWA6D15X DWAI6214 DWAI6314X

Dishlex: DX403IWB*00 DX403IWB*01 DX403IWB*02 DX403IWB*03 DX403IWB*04 DX403IWB*05 DX403IWB*06

DX403SB*00 DX403SB*01 DX403SB*02 DX403SB*03 DX403SB*04 DX403SB*05 DX403SB*06

DX403SJ*00 DX403SJ*01 DX403SJ*02 DX403SJ*03

DX403WB*00 DX403WB*01 DX403WB*02 DX403WB*03 DX403WB*04 DX403WB*05 DX403WB*06 DX403WB*07

Simpson: 403SB*06 403WB*05 SB915WJ*06, SB925SJ*00 SB925SJ*01 SB925SJ*02 SB925SJ*03 SB925SJ*04 SB925SJ*05 SB925SJ*06 SB925SJ*07 SB925SJ*08

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.


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