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1.8M Vacuum Hose with Bent End for Miele S500 S600 S2000

1.8M Vacuum Hose with Bent End for Miele S500 S600 S2000

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  • Non-electric Tube flexible Suction Hose 1.8 meter with the bent end (1 set)
  • Alternative for original 7736190, 5230830, 10817730
  • Vacuum hose compatible with Miele S2, S500, S600, S2000 series and some Compact C1, Complete C2 models.
  • Package included: 1.8 M Hose + 1x bent end handle

Compatible model:

Alternative for original 7736190, 5230830, 10817730
Non-electric Suitable for Miele S2 series vacuum cleaners: S2110, S2120, S2130, S2180, S2111, S2121, S2131, S2181 and the new C1 series
Compatible for Miele S500 S600 S700 S800 S2000 series
S512 S510 S511 S518 S500 S501 S513 S514 S516 S517 S524 S526 S528 S534 S536 S538

Compact C1 Black Pearl EcoLine, Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine, Compact C1 EcoLine, Compact C1 HEPA, Compact C1 HEPA EcoLine, Compact C1 HomeCare PowerLine, Compact C1 PowerLine, Compact C1 Sprint Blue PowerLine, Compact C1 Young Style, Compact C1 Young Style PowerLine

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