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12 Bags + 8 Filter For Miele HYCLEAN GN Blue S2 S3 S4 S5 S243I S501 S600 S700

12 Bags + 8 Filter For Miele HYCLEAN GN Blue S2 S3 S4 S5 S243I S501 S600 S700

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12 Bags + 8 Filter For Miele HYCLEAN GN Blue S2 S3 S4 S5, S243I, S501, S600, S700


  • 12 Premium Synthetic Vacuum Bags (Generic), 4 Pre-motor Filter and 4 Exhaust Filter
  • Thicker synthetic material than our Standard Miele Bags for greater filtration and durability
  • Plastic self-closing collar for fuss-free bag changeover

Compatible Models:

S243I, S244I, S245I, S247I, S248I, S250, S251, S2511, S251I, 256I, S290, S290I, S300, S300I, S301I, S313I, S315I, S3161-2, 321-2, S321I, S322I, S323I, S324I, S326I, S328I, S331I, S334I, S336I, S338I, S342I, S344I, S346I, S347I, S348, S348I, S356I, S370, S372, S373, S374, S378, S382, S384, S388,
S4210, S4212, S4212 Plus, S4221, S4260, S4280, S4281, S4441, S4510, S4511, S4560, S4580, S4581, S4780, S4781, S4812,
S500I, S501, S510, S511, S511-1, S512, S512I, S513, S514, S514-1, S515-1, S516, S516-1, S517-1, S518, S518-1, S521, S524, S524I, S526, S528, S534, S536, S544, S548, S548I, S550, S560, S566I, S570, S572, S578
S600, S6210, S6220, S6240, S6290
S700, S710, S710-1, S711-1, S712-1, S714, S714-1, S715

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

Pack includes:

12x Bags
4x Pre-Motor Filter
4x Exhaust Filter (for use with models without an Air Clean/HEPA/Carbon filter)


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