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12X Paper Bags for Karcher NT65/2 AP Eco ME NT70/1 NT70/2 TC Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Two-layer - Tear resistance
  • Outstanding filter capacity
  • Weight (kg) 0.3
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 80 x 212 x 310
  • Cardboard Collar: 130mm (wide) x 105mm (high)
  • Diameter of Hole: 63mm (Cardboard Collar) , 37mm (Rubber Seal)
High-performance 2-ply paper filter bag. High-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retention. Reliably retains dust and dirt.

The dust bags in this pack of five are 2 layered and are made from high-quality paper material which effectively traps dirt and dust.

Suits Models:

Alaska WVC 1600
Bestron Hobby Vac
Bomann BS 981 CB
Bomann BSS 982 CB
Bomann CB 981
Bomann CB 982
Bosch Amphibixx BBS21AF
Bosch Amphibixx BBZ21A
Bosch Amphibixx BBZ21AFA
Bosch Amphibixx BMS1999
Bosch Amphibixx BMS2100
Bosch Amphibixx BMS2299
Bosch BBZ21AF
Bosch BMS1000
Bosch BMZ21A
Clatronic BS 1260
Clatronic BS 1261
Clatronic BSS 1261
Columbus ST12
Conti Jumbo
Curtiss Jazz 20
DeLonghi Darel XWDA 150
DeLonghi XE 1200 PD/SD
DeLonghi XW 1200 PD
Einhell Duo 1250
Einhell Inox 1250

Fakir 2606805
Fakir 2606806
Fakir DS 34
Fakir Elegance
Fakir GS 22
Fakir GS 27
Fakir IC 215
Fakir IC 218
Fakir NT 21 S25
Fakir S 130
Fakir S 130 Plus
Fakir S 130/Plus
Fakir S 16 T
Fakir S 17
Fakir S 17 NT
Fakir S 17/N
Fakir S 18
Fakir S 25
Fakir S 26 NT
Fakir S 30 NT
Fakir S 35
Fakir S 40 NT
Fakir S 900
Fakir S26NT
Fakir SE 28
Fakir SE 32
Fakir SE 33
Fakir SE 33 Elegance
Fakir WS 30
Fakir WS 50
Fakir WS 80

Fam Aquavac 600
Fam Aquavac 610
Fam Aquavac 612
Fam Aquavac 615
Fam Aquavac 620
Fam Aquavac 740
Fam Aquavac 7403
Fam Aquavac 7413
Fam Aquavac 742
Fam Aquavac 770
Fam Aquavac 790
Fam Aquavac 8500
Fam Aquavac 8502
Fam Aquavac 8503
Fam Aquavac 855
Fam Aquavac 8702
Fam Aquavac Boxer 20
Fam Aquavac Bulldog
Fam Aquavac Gusty 30
Fam Aquavac Safari
Fam Aquavac Super 30
Fam Aquavac Synchro 22
Fam Domestica 960
Fam NTP 20
Fam NTS 20
Fam Plus 1000
Fam Powervac

Fif Lavorwash 22
Fif Lavorwash GB 818
Fif Lavorwash GBX
Fif Lavorwash GBX 32
Fif Lavorwash GE 18
Fif Lavorwash Genio
Fif Lavorwash Genio Inox
Fif Lavorwash GN 18
Fif Lavorwash GN 32
Fif Lavorwash GNX 32
Fif Lavorwash Nilo
Fif Lavorwash Top Craft NT 0506
Fif NTS 20
Fif NTS 30
Fif NTS 3000
First Line FWD 1804

Foma W12
Foma W15
Foma W20SE
Foma W35
Foma W40
Ghibli S 90 Silent
Gisowatt Aquamatic
Gisowatt ASS 20
Gisowatt Brico 220 P/X
Gisowatt Brico 230 P/X
Gisowatt Elle
Gisowatt Jet Cleaner
Gisowatt Sintesi
Gisowatt Valy
Gisowatt XL

Hoover Original H31
Hoover S2035
Hoover Wet & Dry S4270
Hoover Wet & Dry S4276
Hoover Wet & Dry S4282
Hoover Wet & Dry S4290
Hoover Wet & Dry S4292
Hoover Wet & Dry S4308

K?rcher 6.904-263
K?rcher 6.959-130
K?rcher A 2200
K?rcher A 2201
K?rcher A 2201F
K?rcher A 2204
K?rcher A 2204 AF
K?rcher A 2204 FIFA
K?rcher A 2206 X
K?rcher A 2224 PT
K?rcher A 2231 pt
K?rcher A 2234 pt
K?rcher A 2236 X pt
K?rcher A 2251 Me
K?rcher A 2254 Me
K?rcher A 2500
K?rcher A 2504
K?rcher A 2524 PT
K?rcher A 2534 pt
K?rcher A 2554 Me
K?rcher A 2574 pt
K?rcher A 2604
K?rcher A 2654 ME
K?rcher A 2654 ME PLUS
K?rcher A 2656 X Plus
K?rcher A 2674 PT PLUS
K?rcher A 2675 Jubilee
K?rcher A 2676 X PT Plus
K?rcher A 2701
K?rcher A 2901
K?rcher A 2901 F
K?rcher A 3100

K?rcher K 2150
K?rcher K 2201
K?rcher K 2201 G
K?rcher K 2901
K?rcher K 2901 PLUS
K?rcher K 2901 S
K?rcher K 3000 PLUS
K?rcher MV 3
K?rcher MV 3 Car Kit
K?rcher MV 3 Fireplace kit
K?rcher MV 3 P
K?rcher MV 3 P Extension kit
K?rcher MV 3 Premium
K?rcher MV 3 Premium Car kit
K?rcher MV 3 Premium Fireplace kit
K?rcher NT 251
K?rcher SE 4001
K?rcher SE 4001 Plus
K?rcher SE 4002

K?rcher WD 3
K?rcher WD 3 Car Kit
K?rcher WD 3 Fireplace kit
K?rcher WD 3 P
K?rcher WD 3 P Extension kit
K?rcher WD 3 Premium
K?rcher WD 3 Premium Car kit
K?rcher WD 3 Premium Fireplace kit
K?rcher WD 3.150
K?rcher WD 3.200
K?rcher WD 3.200 AF
K?rcher WD 3.230
K?rcher WD 3.250
K?rcher WD 3.300 M
K?rcher WD 3.310 M
K?rcher WD 3.320 M
K?rcher WD 3.370 M
K?rcher WD 3.500 P
K?rcher WD 3.540 P
K?rcher WD 3.600 MP
K?rcher WD 3.800 M Ecologic

Kraft 966
Kraft NTS 1400-30 715
Landi Okay Power AS 1250 M
Lavor GB 18
Lavor GB 20P
Lavor GB 22
Lavor GB 32
Lavor GBX
Lavor GBX 22
Lavor GBX 32
Lavor GN 18
Lavor GN 22
Lavor GN 32
Lavor GNP 22
Lavor GNP 32
Lavor GNX 22
Lavor GNX 32
Lavor Whisper V8
Lavorwash GE 18
Lavorwash Genio
Lavorwash NTS 20
Lavorwash NTS 30

Matrix VC 1000 15L
Matrix VC 1200 15L
Omega Profi 20
Omega Rio
Philips Super HR6651
Philips Super HR6655
Philips Super HR6661
Philips Super HR6665
Philips Super HR6675
Promac VAC 476
Quigg NTS1000
Rowenta 1043 LG
Rowenta 2 RU12
Rowenta 22 AIR
Rowenta 931SL
Rowenta BIDONE
Rowenta BP61

Rowenta Bully
Rowenta Bully RB014
Rowenta Bully RB08
Rowenta Bully RB50
Rowenta Bully RB522
Rowenta Bully RB526
Rowenta Bully RB60
Rowenta Bully RB60.1
Rowenta Bully RB602
Rowenta Bully RB70
Rowenta Bully RB700
Rowenta Bully RB720
Rowenta Bully RB800
Rowenta Bully RB839
Rowenta Bully RB870
Rowenta Bully RD 200
Rowenta Bully RD 206
Rowenta Bully RU01
Rowenta Bully RU040
Rowenta Bully RU041
Rowenta Bully RU05
Rowenta Bully RU062
Rowenta Bully RU068
Rowenta Bully RU071
Rowenta Bully RU072
Rowenta Bully RU100
Rowenta Bully RU104
Rowenta Bully RU12
Rowenta Bully RU15
Rowenta Bully RU361
Rowenta Bully RU500
Rowenta Bully RU57
Rowenta Bully RU605
Rowenta Bully RU700
Rowenta Bully RU705
Rowenta Bully RU720
Rowenta Bully RU814
Rowenta Bully RU824
Rowenta Bully RU90

Rowenta Collecto
Rowenta Collecto RU600
Rowenta Collecto RU605
Rowenta Collecto RU630
Rowenta Collecto RU635
Rowenta E26
Rowenta Jazz
Rowenta K 2001
Rowenta Masterlux
Rowenta Original ZR81
Rowenta Original ZR815

Rowenta RB 12
Rowenta RB08
Rowenta RB14
Rowenta RB50
Rowenta RB50.1
Rowenta RB500
Rowenta RB51
Rowenta RB510
Rowenta RB52
Rowenta RB52.1
Rowenta RB52.2
Rowenta RB52.5
Rowenta RB520
Rowenta RB522
Rowenta RB526
Rowenta RB54
Rowenta RB56
Rowenta RB57
Rowenta RB60
Rowenta RB60.1
Rowenta RB602
Rowenta RB61
Rowenta RB70
Rowenta RB700
Rowenta RB720
Rowenta RB800
Rowenta RB820
Rowenta RB839
Rowenta RB850
Rowenta RB860
Rowenta RB870

Rowenta RD200
Rowenta RD215
Rowenta RS810
Rowenta RU01
Rowenta RU010
Rowenta RU020
Rowenta RU05
Rowenta RU062
Rowenta RU065
Rowenta RU068
Rowenta RU07
Rowenta RU070
Rowenta RU071
Rowenta RU08
Rowenta RU1
Rowenta RU10
Rowenta RU100
Rowenta RU102
Rowenta RU108
Rowenta RU11
Rowenta RU110
Rowenta RU15
Rowenta RU29
Rowenta RU30
Rowenta RU31
Rowenta RU32
Rowenta RU33
Rowenta RU34
Rowenta RU36
Rowenta RU361
Rowenta RU367
Rowenta RU368
Rowenta RU38
Rowenta RU381
Rowenta RU40
Rowenta RU41
Rowenta RU42
Rowenta RU43
Rowenta RU45
Rowenta RU46
Rowenta RU500
Rowenta RU520
Rowenta RU520 S
Rowenta RU521
Rowenta RU521 S
Rowenta RU600
Rowenta RU605
Rowenta RU630
Rowenta RU635
Rowenta RU700
Rowenta RU720
Rowenta RU814
Rowenta RU824
Rowenta RU90

Rowenta Vorace
Rowenta Wet & Dry
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU300
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU33
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU38 Compact
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU40
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU400
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU42
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU43
Rowenta Wet & Dry RU44
Rowenta Wet & Dry Vorace
Rowenta Z53
Rowenta Z55
Rowenta Z65
Rowenta Z66
Rowenta Z76
Rowenta Z78
Rowenta Z85
Rowenta ZR804
Rowenta ZR81
Rowenta ZR814
Rowenta ZR815
Rowenta ZR816
Rowenta ZR817
Rowenta ZR82

Siemens D Type
Siemens Dry & More VM 10000
Siemens Dry & More VM 10999
Siemens Dry & More VM 15000
Siemens Dry & More VM 15999
Siemens Dry & More VM 30000
Siemens Dry & More VM 39999
Siemens Original VZ 92351
Siemens UZ 92351
Siemens VM 30

Soteco 100
Soteco 101
Soteco 101J
Soteco 103
Soteco 103J
Soteco 115
Soteco Europa 100
Soteco Europa 115
Soteco Nevada 103RAD
Soteco Small 103
Soteco Small 115
Soteco T110
Tefal Duo 4680
Tefal TCM 66 391
Vetrella Aquatic 1100
Wetrok Monovac 9
Wirbel 814
Wirbel 815

Package Included: 12 Bags
Model numbers are for reference only, these are high quality generic bags.
Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only

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