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12X Wet & Dry Vacuum Paper Bags for Karcher 6.959-535.0 WD3.300M Plus WD3.330M

12X Wet & Dry Vacuum Paper Bags for Karcher 6.959-535.0 WD3.300M Plus WD3.330M

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  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Paper Bags for Karcher 6.959-535.0 WD3.300M Plus WD3.330M
  • High-performance 2-ply paper filter bag. High-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retention. Reliably retains dust and dirt
  • Outstanding filter capacity
  • Bag Dimensions: 80 x 212 x 310 mm
  • Cardboard Collar Dimension: 130mm (wide) x 105mm (high)
  • Diameter of Hole Dimension: 63mm (Cardboard Collar) , 37mm (Rubber Seal)
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

Suits Karcher Models:

WD3 Car Kit
WD3 Fireplace kit
WD3 Premium
WD3 Premium Car Kit
WD3 Premium Fireplace Kit
WD3 Rallye Dakar
WD3 Tough Vac
WD3.300M CCC
WD3.600 MP
WD3.800M Ecologic
WD3P Extension Kit
Karcher 2201, A 2200 - A 2299, A 2500 - A 2599, A 2600 - A 2699, A 2900 - A2999, A 3100 - A 3199, WD 3000 - WD3999, SE 4001, SE 4002, MV 3 P Extension Kit, MV 3, MV 3 Premium, MV 3 Fireplace Kit
SE4001, SE4002
Bosch Amphibixx BBS21AF
Bosch Amphibixx BBZ21A
Bosch Amphibixx BBZ21AFA
Bosch Amphibixx BMS1999
Bosch Amphibixx BMS2100
Bosch Amphibixx BMS2299

Fam Aquavac 600
Fam Aquavac 610
Fam Aquavac 612
Fam Aquavac 615
Fam Aquavac 620
Fam Aquavac 740
Fam Aquavac 7403
Fam Aquavac 7413
Fam Aquavac 742
Fam Aquavac 770
Fam Aquavac 790
Fam Aquavac 8500
Fam Aquavac 8502
Fam Aquavac 8503
Fam Aquavac 855
Fam Aquavac 8702
Fam Aquavac Boxer 20
Fam Aquavac Bulldog
Fam Aquavac Gusty 30
Fam Aquavac Safari
Fam Aquavac Super 30
Fam Aquavac Synchro 22

Fakir S 130
Fakir S 130 Plus
Fakir S 130/Plus
Fakir S 16 T
Fakir S 17
Fakir S 17 NT
Fakir S 17/N
Fakir S 18
Fakir S 25
Fakir S 26 NT
Fakir S 30 NT
Fakir S 35
Fakir S 40 NT
Fakir S 900
Fakir SE 28
Fakir SE 32
Fakir SE 33
Fakir SE 33 Elegance

Package: 12 Vacuum cleaner bags

Non-original, model numbers are for reference only, these are high-quality generic bags.

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