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2x Tumble Dryer Foam Filter for Samsung DC62-00376A DV90F5E6HGW

2x Tumble Dryer Foam Filter for Samsung DC62-00376A DV90F5E6HGW

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  • 2x Tumble Dryer Foam Filter For Samsung DC62-00376A DV90F5E6HGW DV90K6000CW
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 230 x 103 x 16 mm ( Please check the size before placing order. )
  • 100% Brand New
  • Sent out from NSW Australia within 1 business day.

Compatible Models

Suitable for Samsung DC62-00376A DV90F5E6HGW DV90K6000CW

Compatible Parts Number: DC62-00376A, DC6200376A, DV-F500E, DV-F500A

Note: Model numbers are for reference only, these are high quality generic bags.

Samsung DV 70 F5E0HGW/EF, DV70F5E0HGW/EF
Samsung, DV 70 F5E0HGW/EG, DV70F5E0HGW/EG
Samsung DV 70 F5E0HGW/EN, DV70F5E0HGW/EN
Samsung DV 70 F5E0HGW/EU, DV70F5E0HGW/EU
Samsung DV 70 F5E0HGW/WS, DV70F5E0HGW/WS
Samsung DV 70 F5E2HGW/EN, DV70F5E2HGW/EN
Samsung DV 71 F5E0HGW/EN, DV71F5E0HGW/EN
Samsung DV 80 F5E4HGW/EN, DV80F5E4HGW/EN
Samsung DV 80 F5E4HGW/WS, DV80F5E4HGW/WS
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/EE, DV80F5E5HGW/EE
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/EF, DV80F5E5HGW/EF
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/EG, DV80F5E5HGW/EG
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/EN, DV80F5E5HGW/EN
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/EU, DV80F5E5HGW/EU
Samsung DV 80 F5E5HGW/WS, DV80F5E5HGW/WS
Samsung DV 80 H8100 HW/EE, DV80H8100HW/EE
Samsung DV 80 H8100 HW/EG, DV80H8100HW/EG
Samsung DV 80 H8100 HW/EN, DV80H8100HW/EN
Samsung DV 80 H8100 HW/EU, DV80H8100HW/EU
Samsung DV 80 H8100 HW/WS, DV80H8100HW/WS
Samsung DV 80 K6010 CW, DV80K6010CW/EN
Samsung DV 80 K6010 CW/WS, DV80K6010CW/WS
Samsung DV 81 F5E5HGW/EN, DV81F5E5HGW/EN
Samsung DV 81 F5E5HGW/ET, DV81F5E5HGW/ET
Samsung DV 81 H8100 HW/EN, DV81H8100HW/EN
Samsung DV 81 K6010 CW, DV81K6010CW/EN
Samsung DV 90 F5E6HGW/EE, DV90F5E6HGW/EE
Samsung DV 90 F5E6HGW/EG, DV90F5E6HGW/EG
Samsung DV 90 F5E6HGW/EN, DV90F5E6HGW/EN
Samsung DV 90 F5E6HGW/WS, DV90F5E6HGW/WS
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/EE, DV90H8000HW/EE
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/EG, DV90H8000HW/EG
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/EN, DV90H8000HW/EN
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/ET, DV90H8000HW/ET
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/EU, DV90H8000HW/EU
Samsung DV 90 H8000 HW/WS, DV90H8000HW/WS
Samsung DV 90 K6000 CW, DV90K6000CW/EN
Samsung DV 90 K6000 CW, DV90K6000CW/LE
Samsung DV 90 K6000 CW/WS, DV90K6000CW/WS
Samsung DV 91 F5E6HGW/EN, DV91F5E6HGW/EN
Samsung DV 91 H8000 HW/EN, DV91H8000HW/EN
Samsung DV 91 K6000 CW, DV91K6000CW/EN
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