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2X Dust Extractor Filter for Festool/Festo CT33 CT 33E CTL 33E CTM 33E

2X Dust Extractor Filter for Festool/Festo CT33 CT 33E CTL 33E CTM 33E

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2X Dust Extractor Filter for Festool/Festo CT33, CT 33E, CTL 33E, CTM 33E


  • Eliminate the majority of the dust created at the source before it is ever released into your environment.
  • Designed to trap particles down to 1 micron while maintaining airflow, allowing you to reach full capacity without clogging or caking.
  • It fit exactly and was very easy to install.
  • Compatible Part Number: Karcher 6.904-068.0, Festool /Festo 452065 452923
  • Should not be used for applications requiring HEPA filtration, not suitable for mobile dust extractors with AUTO CLEAN.
  • Product Dimensions: 215 x 115 x 58 mm

Compatible Models:

CT11, CT 11E, CT22, CT 22E, CT 33E, CT 33LE, CT44, CT 44E, CT 44 LE, CT 55E
CTL11, CTL 11E, CTL22, CTL 22E, CTL 33E, CTL 33LE, CTL44, CTL 44E, CTL 44 LE, CTL 55E
CTM11, CTM 11E, CTM22, CTM 22E, CTM 33E, CTM 33LE, CTM 44E, CTM 44 LE, CTM 55E, CT Mini
A2001, 2000TE, 2000E, 3500, 3500E, 3501, 3501E
NT2000, NT2000E, NT3500, NT3500E, NT3501, NT3501E
K2000E, K2000TE, K3500E, K3501
NT351 Eco, NT14/1, NT351 Profi, NT 14/1 Eco
NT 14/1 Eco Advanced NT 14/1 Classic NT 14/1 Eco Te Advanced
NT 351 HO NT 351 Profi NT 351 professional
Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

Package: 2X Filters

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