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2X Dryer Foam Filter For Miele 9499230 ECO COMFORT T 7900 T7950

2X Dryer Foam Filter For Miele 9499230 ECO COMFORT T 7900 T7950

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100% Brand New
Sent out from NSW Australia within 1 business day.
Colour: Black
Dimension: 215 x 130 x 30 mm (Please check and compare the size before placing an order)

Compatible Models:

For Miele 9499230 ECO COMFORT T 7900 T7950

Model numbers are for reference only, these are high-quality generic bags.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the compatibility of this product for your vacuum – both prior to and after purchase.

Suitable for the following models:

PT5137WP PT5140WP PT5141WP PT5157WP
T7850WP T7900WP T7950WP T7952WP T7953WP T7954WP
T8001WP T8007WP T8164WP T8168WP
T8855WP T8856WP T8857WP T8860WP T8861WP T8866WP T8867WP T8870WP T8871WP T8873WP T8877WP T8879WP
T8929WP T8939WP T8968WP T8969WP T8970WP T8978WP T8989WP T8999WP T9769WP
PT 5137 WP PT 5140 WP PT 5141 WP PT 5157 WP
PT 7137 WP VARIO PT7137WP T 8007 WP T 7850 WP T 7900 WP T 7950 WP T 7952 WP T 7953 WP T 79-53 WP T 7954 WP T P T7954WP
T 8164 WP T 8168 WP T 8855 WP T 8856 WP T 8857 WP T 8860 WP T 8861 WP T 8866 WP T 8867 WP T 8870 WP T 88-70 WP T 8871 WP T 88-71 WP T 8873 WP T 8877 WP T 8879 WP T 88-79 WP T 9WP T 8881


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