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2x LT700P Water Filter & 2x LT120F Air Filter Set For LG Fridge AU

2x LT700P Water Filter & 2x LT120F Air Filter Set For LG Fridge AU

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2x LT700P Fridge Water Filter & 2x LT120F Air Filter Set For LG Fridge AU Stock


  • Water Filter - Aqua Clear
  • A premium compatible part designed by UK company Pozzani Pure Water PLC
  • This is the ONLY compatible filter available in Australia that has been tested and certified by both NSF & WQA and is also certified BPA-free.
  • Ensure you've always got fresh water
  • Remove potentially harmful contaminants from your water
  • Use less bottled water and cut costs & environmental impact.
  • Helps keep tastes and odours separated
  • Each filter lasts for 6 months
  • Change your air filter approximately every six months and/or when your change filter light comes on your led control panel.

Operating Parameters:

Water Temperature: 0,6°- 38°C
Water Pressure: 20 - 120 psi maximum (140 - 827kPa)
Flow rate: 1.9 liters/minute (0,5 gpm)
Capacity: 757 litres
Conforms to the norm NSF/ANSI

LT120F Air Filter

  • Ensure your fridge always has fresh air
  • Removes Unpleasant Odors for Fresh, Clean Air
  • Replace the air filter approximately every 6 months
  • Please ensure your refrigerator takes the LG Air Filter prior to purchase. Some models only had the air filter option added halfway through the production cycle, but the fridge model number remained the same as it was prior to the air filter being added.

Package Included:

2 Set: 2 Air Filter + 2 Water Filter
4 Set: 4 Air Filter + 4 Water Filter

Non-genuine spare part, the brand and part numbers are for reference only.


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Instructions for Installation:

  1. Please always refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions
  2. Connect to cold water only
  3. Change the filter every 6 months
  4. Turn off the water supply before connecting/disconnecting the filter
  5. Disconnect the filter.
  6. Insert the new cartridge by raising up the filter cap and push the sprockets into a horizontal position until it clicks into place
  7. Make sure that the indication line and the symbol 'locked' are aligned
  8. Turn on the water
  9. Clean the system for 5 minutes
  10. Check that there are no leaks
  11. Reset filter change monitor by pressing the button 'Light Filter' for 3 seconds

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