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2X Replace Rubber Clutch Coupler Coupling Gear For Kitchen aid Blender Access

2X Replace Rubber Clutch Coupler Coupling Gear For Kitchen aid Blender Access

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2X Replace Rubber Clutch Coupler Coupling Gear For Kitchen aid Blender Access

Blender Coupling Character:

  • Gear diameter: 36mm, Center hole diameter: 6mm
  • 9704230 blender coupler sits on motor base and drivers blender blades and is used to protect the motor and other parts of the blender from breaking.
  • The coupler/clutch has six rubber teeth which grip the underside of the blade in the blending jug.
  • The clutch is secured to the blender spindle with a reverse aluminum thread. i.e. you turn clockwise to undo it which is the opposite to normal.
  • The blender drive coupling fixes the symptoms: Touchpad does not respond; Door won't open or close.
  • Package Included: 2X Blender Coupler Clutch

Compatible models:

4KSB5BK4 (Imperial Black)
4KSB5BU4 (Cobalt Blue)
4KSB5CR4 (Chrome)
4KSB5ER4 (Empire Red)
4KSB5GN4 (Empire Green)
4KSB5MC4 (Metallic Chrome)
4KSB5MY4 (Majestic Yellow)
4KSB5OB4 (Onyx Black)
4KSB5PK4 (Pink)
4KSB5SSOB4 (Onyx Black)
4KSB5TG4 (Tangerine)
4KSB5WH4 (White)
4KSB5WW4 (White on White)
5KSB5, 5KSB52-4
5KSB52AAC4 (Almond Creme)
5KSB52ABU4 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52ACR4 (Chrome)
5KSB52AER4 (Empire Red)
5KSB52AGR4 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52AMC4 (Metallic Chrome)
5KSB52AMY4 (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB52ANK4 (Brushed Nickel)
5KSB52AOB4 (Black)
5KSB52APK4 (Pink)
5KSB52ATG4 (Tangerine)
5KSB52AWH4 (White)
5KSB52BAC4 (Almond Creme
5KSB52BAC4 (Almond Creme)
5KSB52BAC5 (Almond Creme)
5KSB52BBU4 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52BBU5 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52BER4 (Empire Red)
5KSB52BER5 (Empire Red)
5KSB52BGR4 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52BGR5 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52BMY4 (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB52BMY5 (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB52BNK4 (Brushed Nickel)
5KSB52BNK5 (Brushed Nickel)
5KSB52BOB4 (Onyx Black)
5KSB52BOB5 (Onyx Black)
5KSB52BPM5 (Pearl Metallic)
5KSB52BWH4 (White)
5KSB52BWH5 (White)
5KSB52EAC4 (Almond Creme)
5KSB52EAC5 (Almond Creme)
5KSB52EBU4 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52EBU5 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52ECR4 (Chrome)
5KSB52ECR5 (Chrome)
5KSB52ECV5 (Caviar)
5KSB52EER4 (Empire Red)
5KSB52EER5 (Empire Red)
5KSB52EGR4 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52EGR5 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52EMY4 (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB52EMY5 (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB52ENK4 (Brushed Nickel)
5KSB52ENK5 (Brushed Nickel)
5KSB52EOB4 (Black)
5KSB52EOB5 (Onyx Black)
5KSB52EPM5 (Pearl Metallic)
5KSB52ETG4 (Tangerine)
5KSB52ETG5 (Tangerine)
5KSB52EWH4 (White)
5KSB52EWH5 (White)
5KSB52SBU4 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52SBU5 (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB52SER4 (Empire Red)
5KSB52SER5 (Empire Red)
5KSB52SGR4 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52SGR5 (Imperial Grey)
5KSB52SOB4 (Onyx Black)
5KSB52SOB5 (Onyx Black)
5KSB52SWH (White)
5KSB52SWH4 (White)
5KSB52SWH5 (White)
5KSB5BAC (Cream)
5KSB5BBU (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB5BCR (Chrome)
5KSB5BER (Imperial Red)
5KSB5BGR (Matt Grey)
5KSB5BGR2 (Matt Grey)
5KSB5BGR3 (Matt Grey)
5KSB5BGR4 (Matt Grey)
5KSB5BMY (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB5BNK (Nickel)
5KSB5BWH (White)
5KSB5EAC (Cream)
5KSB5EBU (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB5ECR (Chrome)
5KSB5EER (Imperial Red)
5KSB5EGR (Matt Grey)
5KSB5EMY (Majestic Yellow)
5KSB5ENK (Nickel)
5KSB5EWH (White)
5KSB5SBU (Cobalt Blue)
5KSB5SCR (Chrome)
5KSB5SER (Imperial Red)
5KSB5SGR (Matt Grey)
5KSB5SNK (Nickel)
5KSB5SSBOB (Onyx Black)
5KSB5SSSEOB (Onyx Black)
5KSB5SWH (White)
KSB3-4, KSB5-4
KSB5AC4 (Almond Creme)
KSB5BK4 (Imperial Black)
KSB5BU4 (Cobalt Blue)
KSB5CP4 (Satin Copper)
KSB5CR4 (Chrome)
KSB5ER4 (Empire Red)
KSB5GN4 (Empire Green)
KSB5GR4 (Imperial Grey)
KSB5MC4 (Metallic Chrome)
KSB5MY4 (Majestic Yellow)
KSB5NK4 (Brushed Nickel)
KSB5OB4 (Onyx Black)
KSB5PK4 (Pink)
KSB5SSBK4 (Imperial Black)
KSB5SSMW4 (Imperial White)
KSB5SSOB4 (Onyx Black)
KSB5SSWH4 (White)
KSB5TG4 (Tangerine)
KSB5WH4 (White)
KSB5WW4 (White on White)
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