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3X Air Filter For Electrolux AF242047806 Pureair Ultra II Filter

3X Air Filter For Electrolux AF242047806 Pureair Ultra II Filter

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Product Information:

  • Air filter for Electrolux AF242047806 Pureair Ultra II Filter, 242047805 PD00044143
  • Built with activated carbon to effectively reduce impurities and unpleasant odours. Captures and keeps odours at bay with carbon technology.
  • Replacement Model number: AF242047806
  • Package Include: 3 pack air filters

Compatible for:

Frigidaire/Electrolux air filters PD00044143, PS12364179, PAULTRA2, EAP12364179, AP6285787, 4582822, 242047805, 5303918847
Electrolux PD00044143, PS12364179, PAULTRA2, EAP12364179, AP6285787, 4528222, 242047805, 5303918847
Electrolux PureAir Ultra II, ELPAULTRA2, PureAdvantage Ultra 2 II
925060317, 925060313, 925060324
ERE5047SA-R 925060115
EHE5267SA-D 925060114
WHE5260SA-D 925060031
EBE5367SA-R 925060112
WHE7074SA, WHE6874SA, WSE6870SA, 956001679, WHE6060SA, WBE5360SA
WSE6870SA,WHE6060SA, WBE5360SA, WHE7074SA, WSE6170SA, WHE5260SA, WHE6874SA, WQE6170SA
WHE5260SA-D, 925060031
WSE6870SA, 956001679
Electrolux EHE6899SA, EHE6899SCA
EBE5367SA, EBE5367SB, EBE5367SA-R, 925060112
EHE5267SB, EHE5267SA-D, 925060114
ERE5047SA-R, 925060115
Please note non-genuine compatible spare part, the manufacturers' names and part numbers are for reference purposes only.


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