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8X Lower Basket Wheels Kit For Dishlex electrolux DSF6105X DSF6105W

8X Lower Basket Wheels Kit For Dishlex electrolux DSF6105X DSF6105W

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8X Lower Basket Wheels Kit For Electrolux Dishlex DSF6105X DSF6105W DX303SK DX303WK ESF6125X ESF65010


The material of our wheels has passed the high-temperature test.
Wheel diameter: 40 mm
Colour: Gray

Compatible Models:

For Dishlex Electrolux DSF6105X DSF6105W
Electrolux DX303SK, DX303WK, ESF4110, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129, ESF4142, ESF4153, ESF4159, ESF4160, ESF43010, ESF43011, ESF45010, SF4510S, ESF45011, ESF4542, SF4560, SF46010, ESF46010S
ESF6125X, ESF6126, SF6127, ESF6128, ESF6129, ESF6132, ESF6135S, ESF6142, ESF6145, ESF6145X, ESF6146, ESF6146S, ESF6150, ESF6150X, ESF6159, ESF6159S, ESF6160, SF6161, ESF6161S, ESF6161X, ESF6162, ESF6162X, ESF6163
ESF63010, ESF63019, ESF63020, ESF63020X, ESF63021, ESF63025, ESF63030, ESF63032, ESF64010, ESF64011, ESF64014, ESF64014X, SF64016, ESF64019, ESF64019X, ESF64020, ESF64020X
ESF65010, ESF65012, ESF65014, ESF65014X, ESF65020, ESF65022, ESF6521, ESF6522, ESF6525, ESF6526, ESF6529, ESF6535, ESF6543, ESF6543X, ESF6546S, ESF6549, ESF6549X, ESF6550, ESF6560, ESF6561, ESF6562, ESF6563, ESF6565, ESF6569
ESF66010, ESF66010S, ESF66010X, ESF66019, ESF66020, ESF66020S, ESF66022, ESF66022X, ESF66024, ESF66029, ESF66030, ESF66030S, ESF66030X, ESF66035, ESF66035X, ESF66039, ESF66810X, ESF67010, ESF67020, ESF67020X, ESF67022, ESF68010, ESF68500
Please check the size of it for competition. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure about the compatibility.

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