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8X Lower Dishwasher Basket Wheels For AEG Favorit F86080FUM DX303SL

8X Lower Dishwasher Basket Wheels For AEG Favorit F86080FUM DX303SL

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8X Lower Bottom Dishwasher Basket Wheel Roller For AEG Favorit F86080FUM DX303SL F34030VI0 F35010IM F35020IM F40010IM


The material of our wheels have passed high-temperature test.
This wheel can fit most dishwasher models, i.e.: AEG, Dishlex, Zanussi, etc. Please check the size of it for compatition.
Wheel diameter: 40 mm
Wheel wide: 8 mm
Color: Gray

Compatible Models:

For AEG Favorit F86080FUM DX303SL ASI66011K
F80010ILM, F80010IM, F80010VI, F80010VIL, F80870, F80870M, F80870U, F80870UM, F80870US, F80871M, F80872, F80873, F80873M, F80874, F80874M, F84011VI, F84410VI, F84470VI, F84485VI, F85010ILM, F85010IM, F85010VI, F85010VIL, F85015ILM, F85015IM, F85015VI, F85015VIL, F85060VI, F85090IL-M, F85090IM, F85090VI, F85090VIL, F85095IL-M, F85095IM, F85095VI, F85095VIL, F85460VI, F85480VI, F86010VI, F86011VI, F86019IM, F86070IM, F86070VI, F86080FUM, F86080IA, F86080IL-M, F86080IM, F86080VI, F86080VIL, F86099IM, F86410IM, F86480I-A, F86480I-M, F87029IM, F88010IA, F88010IM, F88010VI, F88010VIL, F88012ILM, F88012IM, F88012VI, F88012VIL, F88014IM, F88015IM, F88015VI, F88015VISL, F88016IA, F88016IM, F88020IM, F88020VI, F88020VIL, F88021VI, F88021VIL, F88025ILM, F88025IM, F88025VI, F88025VIL, F88025VIM, F88070IA, F88070IM, F88070V, F88070VI, F88070VIL, F88080IA, F88080IB, F88080IM, F88080VI, F88080VIL, F88090IA, F88090IM, F88090VI, F88090VIL, F88400IM0P, F88400VI0P, F88410VI, F88419M0P, F88419W0P, F88420IM, F88420VI, F88421IM, F88421VI, F89020IA, F89020IM, F89020VI, F89020VIL, F89021IA, F89021IM, F89021VI, F98010IMM, F99020IMM
GS45BV220, P09113082865
The model is for reference only, please compare the original size and place an order.

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