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Coffee Water Filter Cartridge For Philips Saeco CA6702 Odea

Coffee Water Filter Cartridge For Philips Saeco CA6702 Odea

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  • Coffee water filter cartridge compatible for Philips Saeco CA6702/00 CA6702 Odea with a Brita Intenza + water filter or sticker on the water tank.
  • BPA-Free
  • Improves taste and aroma.
  • Reduces limescale, extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee for longer
  • 100% brand new
  • Filter Capacity: 2 months / 250 Litres

Compatible models

All Philips Saeco models with a Brita Intenza + water filter or sticker on the water tank.

Exprelia: HD8650/09 HD8651/09 HD8652/59 HD8752/84 HD8768/29 HD8821/09 HD8824/09 HD8827/09 HD8829/09 HD8831/09 HD8832/09 HD8834/19 HD8838/01 HD8838/02 HD8838/03 HD8838/04 HD8838/06 HD8838/08 HD8838/09 HD8838/31 HD8838/32 HD8838/41 HD8838/43 HD8838/47 HD8839/11 HD8839/32

HD8844/09 HD8847/09 HD8854/01 HD8854/02 HD8854/03 HD8854/09 HD8854/14 HD8854/15 HD8854/16 HD8855/01 HD8855/03 HD8855/09 HD8856/01 HD8856/02 HD8856/03 HD8856/04 HD8856/05 HD8856/06 HD8856/08 HD8856/09 HD8856/41 HD8856/43 HD8856/47 HD8857/01 HD8857/03 HD8857/09 HD8857/47

HD8914/09 HD8953/09 HD8953/11 HD8953/19 HD8954/06 HD8954/09 HD8954/47 HD8968/01 HD8975/01 HD8977/01

HD9712/01 HD9712/11 HD8837/43 HD8751/43 HD8751/41 HD8751/06 HD8751/47 HD8751/04 HD8930/47 HD8930/04 HD8930/05 HD8752/61 HD8930/09 HD8930/13 HD8837/33 HD8751/15 HD8752/05 HD8752/23 HD8836/41 HD8837/41 HD8837/47 HD8752/22

Incanto/ Lavazza a Modo / Magic (new Version) / Nina / Odea / Poemia Manual / Royal (new Version) / Royal Old & 2011 / Syntia / Talea Xelsis / Xsmall

Primea: RI9113/60 RI9822/01 RI9822/02 RI9822/41 RI9822/43 RI9828/01 RI9828/02 RI9828/47

Gaggia: 21001711 Accademia Unica Platinum Brera Naviglio Platinum RI9700/60 Mavea Intenza 1003380 RI9113/36 CMF005 RI9113/60

Saeco: CA6702 CA6702/10 CA6702/00

Please note non-genuine compatible spare part, the manufacturers' names and part numbers are for reference only.

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