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EAU62043401 Drain Pump Motor for LG Dishwasher

EAU62043401 Drain Pump Motor for LG Dishwasher

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  • Dishwasher EAU62043401 drain pump motor replacement, replace EAU62043403, EAU60710801, EAU60710802, LGDW500, 1711038, PMB-LG22B, LDF7551ST
  • Compatible with LG modles LD1452MFEN2, LD1452TFEN2, LD1452WFEN2, LD1452WFEN3, LD1453TFEN2, LD1454TFES2, LD1455TFCS2, LD-1481W4, LD-1482S4, LD-1482T4, LD-1482W4, LD-1483T4, LD-1484T4, LD-1484W4, LD-1485T4, TD-C901H, TD-C902H
  • Motor Parameters: DC 22 Volt DC, 1.5 Amp, 30 W, 3100 rpm, 3 PIN connector.
  • Pack: 1 Motor

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