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Fisher & Paykel Washer Suspension Rod Kit 424495P

Fisher & Paykel Washer Suspension Rod Kit 424495P

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  • Washing machine suspension rod kit assembly for Fisher & Paykel 421127P, 424495P, Non-original
  • Suitable for Fisher & Paykel top load washers, with model numbers beginning with WL70, WL80
  • Compatible with AquaSmart WL26CW1, WL26CW2, WL37CW2, WL37T26CW2, WL37T26DW1, WL37T26DW2, WL37T26KW2, WL42T26CW1, WL42T26DW1, WL42T26KW1
  • WL70T60DW1, WL70T60CW1, WL70T60CW2, WL80T65CW1, WL80T65CW2, WL80T65DW1, WL80T65D
  • Package comtains 4 rods


Fisher & Paykel WL70T60CW1 - 93221-A - 93253-A,
WL70T60CW2 - 93171-A,
WL70T60DW1 - 93117-A - 93130-A - 93130-B - 93252-A,
WL80T65CW1 - 93003-A - 93114-A - 93114-B - 93250-A,
WL80T65CW2 - 93191-A,
WL80T65DW1 - 93004-A - 93118-A - 93125-A - 93251-A,
WL70T60CW, WL80T65DW, WL80T65C, WL70T60DW, WL80T65CW1, WL42T26CW1, WL42T26DW1, WL42T26KW1, WL37T26CW2, WL37T26DW1, WL37T26DW2, WL37T26KW2, WL26CW1, WL26CW2, WL37CW2

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