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Internal Fridge Water Filter CS52 For Zip 51000 52000 53000 54000 55000 58000

Internal Fridge Water Filter CS52 For Zip 51000 52000 53000 54000 55000 58000

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Internal Fridge Water Filter CS52 For Zip 51000 52000 53000 54000 55000 58000


  • Made of premium quality food-grade safe material.
  • Easy to install, no leakage issues
  • Reduces chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odours in tap water
  • Retains beneficial minerals
  • Produces clean, fresh and delicious water and ice
Important: Some manufacturers use the same fridge model number for fridges supplied with both internal and external filter systems, please make sure that your fridge uses an Internal water filter before ordering this item.


Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm (0.5 gpm)
Operating Temperature: 0.6°C - 38°C
Operating Pressure: 140 kPa(20psi) - 827 kPa(120psi)
Technology: High quality Carbon Block
Function: Chemical and Mechanical Reduction
Capacity: 1,500 Gallons (5,678 Litres)
Service Life: 6 months

CS-52WF Compatible Model:

3M / Cuno CS-52, CS-452, CS-522, OCS CS-52, CS-51, OCS CS-51, 55866-05, 5586605, 55866-06, 5586606, EVOLFLTR10.
Bosch 640565, AP3961137, 1257074.
Whirlpool WHKFR-PLUS, WHKFR Plus, WHKF-R-PLUS, WHCF-R-PLUS, W1085590, 2168701
56932, 640565, 1257074, 2168701, 5586605, 5586606, 70020002518, 55866-05, 55866-06, AP3961137
B20CS5, B20CS8, CS450, CS-450, CS451, CS-451, CS452, CS-452, CS-51, EVOLFLTR10
3FA7786A/05, 3FA7786A/06, 3FA7786A/07
Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.


1. Disconnect the refrigerator water supply and unplug the refrigerator.
2. Press the knob at the top of the filter case and remove the cover from the compartment.
3. Turn the filter 1/4 turn to the left (counterclockwise).
4. Pull the filter straight out and discard.
5. Remove the protective cap from the new water filter.
6. Insert the new filter into the holder.
7. Turn the filter 1/4 turn to the right (clockwise) to lock it into place.
8. Replace the filter cover back into the compartment.
9. Reconnect the refrigerator water supply and plug the refrigerator back in.
10. Flush the new filter for 5 minutes to purge the system.
11. Reset the "change filter" indicator light:
Bosch fridges: Press and hold the Water Filter Reset button for 5 seconds.
Newer models: Press the options button until the "filter change" function is selected, and then press the selection button "+" or "-" until the "filter Change" display goes out.


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