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LG Washer Dryer Belt 8PH1985 V-Ribbed Drive Belt

LG Washer Dryer Belt 8PH1985 V-Ribbed Drive Belt

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  • This 8PH1985 belt is designed to fit LG washing machines and dryers, equivalent to 4400EL1001A, 1985H8, AH3522926, AP4437108
  • Compatible with LG dryer TD-C70030E, TD-C70040E, TD-C70045E, TD-C70070E, TD-C70085E, TD-C70140E, TD-V70120E, TD-V700E, TD-C700E. AOWREAP.
  • 1985 mm length, 12.7 mm width, H type 8 ribs.
  • Australia stock, fast delivery.

Package includes

1 Belt

Compatible models

LG dryer RC8001B RC8015C RC9011C RC8001A RC8003A

LG dryer TDC70030E TD-C70030E TDC70040E TD-C70040E TD-C70041E TD-C70041E TD-C70045E TD-C70045E TD-C7005SE TDC70070E TD-C70070E TDC70085E TD-C70085E TD-C7008OE TD-C70140E TD-C70140E

LG dryer TDC70210E TD-C70210E TDC70212E TD-C70212E TDC70220E TD-C70220E

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