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DC97-20107A Lint Filter for Samsung WA11M8700GV WA13M8700GV

DC97-20107A Lint Filter for Samsung WA11M8700GV WA13M8700GV

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DC97-20107A Lint Filter for Samsung WA11M8700GV WA13M8700GV WA11M8700GW WA14M6510KS WA10J7750GW1 WA21M7870GV WA16M6540KY


  • DC97-20107A Lint filter Replacement for Samsung top load washing machine, assy filter.
  • Lint filter is designed to catch small objects, preventing them getting to the pump, keep your clothes and your machine in good condition.
  • Size: 293x90mm, Please compare your lint filter size before place an order.

Compatible Samsung Modles:

Model Code: Samsung DC97-20107A

WA10J7750GW1 SA/0000, WA10J7750GW1 SA/0001, WA10J7750GW1 SA/0002

WA11M8700GV SA/0000, WA11M8700GV SA/0001, WA11M8700GV SA/0002

WA11M8700GW SA/0000, WA11M8700GW SA/0001, WA11M8700GW SA/0002

WA13M8700GV SA/0000, WA13M8700GV SA/0001, WA13M8700GV SA/0002

WA13M8700GW SA/0000, WA13M8700GW SA/0001, WA13M8700GW SA/0002

WA14M6510KS, WA14M6510KS1, WA14M6540KY, WA14M6710SS, WA14M6710SS1, WA14M6830KY, WA14N6781BG, WA14N6781TG

WA15M6510KS, WA15M6510KS1, WA15M6510KW, WA15M6510KW1, WA15M6550KS, WA15M6550KS1, WA15M6551KS, WA15M6830KW, WA15M6830KW1, WA15M6830KY, WA15M6830KY1, WA15M6850KS, WA15M6850KS1, WA15M6850KW, WA15M6850KW1, WA15M6850KY, WA15M6850KY1

WA15N6780BW, WA15N6790CG, WA15N6790CS, WA15N6790CW

WA16M6540KY, WA16M6550KS, WA16M6550KS1, WA16M6551KS, WA16M6830KW, WA16M6830KW1, WA16M6830KY, WA16M6830KY1, WA16M6850KS, WA16M6850KS1, WA16M6850KV, WA16M6850KV1, WA16M6850KW, WA16M6850KW1, WA16N6780BG, WA16N6780TG, WA16N6790CS, WA16N6790CV, WA16N6790CW, WA16N6790TS, WA16N6790TV, WA16N6790TW

WA17M7550KP, WA17M7550KW, WA17M7550TP, WA17M7550TW, WA17M7850GV, WA17M7850GW, WA17M7850TV, WA17M7850TW

WA19M7870GV, WA19M7870GW, WA19N7870GV, WA19N7870GW, WA21M7870GV, WA21N7870GV

Non-original products but with the same performance, the above models are for compatibility reference only.

Package inlcuded 1x lint filter

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