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2X Stand Mixer Worm Gear for KitchenAid models KSM150 KSM160 Part W10112253

2X Stand Mixer Worm Gear for KitchenAid models KSM150 KSM160 Part W10112253

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  • Premium Quality: The replacement part is made from durable high-quality material and well-tested by the manufacturer.
  • 100% Brand New.
  • Easy DIY installation. Affordable fix helps avoid costly repairs and replacements. Helps extend the life of your mixer.

Package Included: 2X Gear

Suitable models:


3K45SS, 3K5SS, 3KSM150PSTBW0, 3KSM150PSTCB0, 3KSM150PSTCL0, 4K45SS, 4K45SS7OB0, 4K45SS7WH0, 4K45SSDWH-1, 4K45SSWH-1, 4K5SS, 4KPD1620T5, 4KPD1620T6, 4KSM105GBCBU0, 4KSM105GBCER0, 4KSM105GBCMC0, 5K45SS, 5K45SSBOB4, 5K45SSBWH0, 5K45SSBWH4, 5K45SSCWH0, 4K5SSOB0, 4K5SSWH1, 4KSM105GBCBU0, 4KSM105GBCER0, 4KSM105GBCMC0, 4KSM150PSAC0, 4KSM150PSBU0, 4KSM150PSBW0, 4KSM150PSER0, 4KSM150PSGN0, 4KSM150PSGR0, 4KSM150PSLV0, 4KSM150PSMC0, 4KSM150PSMY0, 4KSM150PSOB0, 4KSM150PSPK0, 4KSM150PSPK0, 4KSM150PSPT0, 4KSM150PSTG0, 4KSM150PSWH0, 5K45SSCWH0
Note: These bags are non-original. Model numbers are for reference only, these are high-quality generic seals.


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