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Suction Tube Hose 2.5M For Miele 7863553 7863554 7863555 107212 S8 Series

Suction Tube Hose 2.5M For Miele 7863553 7863554 7863555 107212 S8 Series

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  • This hose is a pure suction, non-electric, hose.
  • It has two connecting end pieces, the handle is purchased separately from the hose.
  • Colour: silver

Compatible Models:

Miele 7863553 7863554 7863555 10721260
Compact C2, Complete C3, S8 series, SGEO, SGEAO, 10563760

Miele S6000 Series
Miele S6210 S6220 S6230 S6240 S6250 S6260 S6270 S6280 S6290
Miele S6310 S6320 S6330 S6340 S6350 S6360 S6390
Miele S6710 S6730 S6760 S6780 S6790


S8 series
S8310 S8320 S8330 S8340 S83608 S8370 S8380 S8390
S8510 S8520 S8530 S8590
S8710 S8730 S8790

Complete C3 Calima PowerLine - SGFE0
Complete C3 Kona PowerLine - SGFE0
Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine - SGEE0
Complete C3 Marin PowerLine - SGJE0
Complete C3 HomeCare+ PowerLine - SGPE0
Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine - SGPE0

Package Included:

1 X2.5 Meter hose
Please note: Please check to make sure that this is the correct hose before purchasing.
This hose only fits very specific models, and return shipping falls upon the customer for returns/exchanges.


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