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USK6 Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set For Electolux SuperCyclone ZSC6910 ZSC6920

USK6 Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set For Electolux SuperCyclone ZSC6910 ZSC6920

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USK6 Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set For Electolux SuperCyclone ZSC6910, ZSC6920


  • 3 In 1: Includes washable hepa filter, foam exhaust filter, micromesh motor filter
  • Absorbs or traps the odor to build a refreshing air environment for you.
  • The UltraActive starter kit contains all the necessary filters to keep your UltraActive machine operating at its optimum level.
  • Please note: This kit does not include the lemon-scented deodoriser
  1. Motor Filter helps to stop the dust going into the motor
  2. Washable H12 HEPA Filter traps 99.9% of the dust and cleaner air comes out from the exhaust
  3. Washable Foam filter keeps the dust and dirt inside the container and can be washed when it is dirty (Please make sure to dry the filter for 10-12 hours before replacing on the vacuum after washing)

Package Included:

1x Washable Foam Filter
1x Motor Filter
1x EPA12 washable motor filter

Compatible Models:

Ultra Performer: ZUP 3800...3899
Ultra Active: EL4300A, EL4325A, EL4327A, ZUA3810, ZUA3810P, ZUA3815, ZUA3820, ZUA3820P, ZUA3821P, ZUA3822P, ZUA3830, ZUA3830P, ZUA3830PT, ZUA3831P, ZUA3831PT, ZUA3840, ZUA3860P, ZUA3861P, ZUA3862P, ZUA3820...3860
Green: ZUAG3800, ZUAG3802P, ZUAG3801/KR, ZUP3832PT
CycloneXL: ZCX6200 - ZCX6499
SuperCyclone: ZSC6910, ZSC6920, ZSC6930, ZSC6940
Super Cyclone: ZSC69FD2
Ultra Active: AUA 3820/UK, 3840T/TUK, 3860
Green: AUAG 3800, 3801/UK
Cyclone XL: ACX6200 - ACX6499
Super Cyclone: ASC6910, ASC6920, ASC6925, ASC6926, ASC6935, ASC6940, ASC6945, ASC6950
SuperCyclone: ASC69FD2
TO6920, TO6930
Cyclone XL: U6600 - U6699
Super Cyclone: U6910, U6920
SuperCyclone U69FD2


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