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6 Vacuum Dust Bags For Rowenta RB08 RU05 Collecto RU600

6 Vacuum Dust Bags For Rowenta RB08 RU05 Collecto RU600

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  • The dust bags are 2 layered and are made from high quality paper material which effectively traps dirt and dust.
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 80 x 212 x 310 mm
  • Cardboard Collar: 130mm (wide) x 105mm (high)
  • Diameter of Hole: 63mm (Cardboard Collar), 37mm (Rubber Seal)

Suits Models:

Rowenta Collecto RU600, RU605, RU630, RU635

Rowenta RB08 RB12 RB14
Rowenta RB50 RB50.1 RB51 RB52 RB52.1 RB52.2 RB52.5 RB54 RB56 RB57
Rowenta RB60 RB60.1 RB61 RB70
Rowenta RB500, RB510, RB520, RB522, RB526, RB602, RB700, RB720
Rowenta RB800, RB820, RB839, RB850, RB860, RB870
Rowenta RD200, RD215, RS810
Rowenta RU01, RU05, RU07, RU08, RU010, RU020, RU062, RU065, RU068, RU070, RU071

Rowenta RU1, RU10, RU11, RU15, RU29, RU30, RU31, RU32, RU33, RU34, RU36, RU38

Rowenta RU40, RU41, RU42, RU43, RU45, RU46
Rowenta RU100, RU102, RU108, RU110
Rowenta RU361, RU367, RU368, RU381
Rowenta RU500, RU520, RU520 S, RU521, RU521 S
Rowenta RU600, RU605, RU630, RU635
Rowenta RU700, RU720, RU814, RU824, RU90

Rowenta Wet & Dry RU300, RU33, RU38, RU40, RU400, RU42, RU43, RU44, Vorace

Rowenta Z53 Z55 Z65 Z66 Z76 Z78 Z85
Rowenta ZR804 ZR81 ZR814 ZR815 ZR816 ZR817 ZR82
Rowenta 2 RU12, 22 AIR, 931SL, ALLROUND, AQUALUX, BIDONE, BP61

Rowenta E26, Jazz, K 2001, Masterlux, Original ZR81, Original ZR815, RAQUADRY

Non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

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