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Washing Machine Triple Water Inlet Valve For LG WD1402CRD6 WD14030RD WD14030RD6

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Fitted with a removable filter, 3/4" BSP inlet to accept standard washing machine type hose connections. This is a universal part as used in various appliances.


Inlet hole: G3/4" (25mm)
External hole (outlet): 12mm
Rated voltage: 50Hz, AC 220-240V
Working pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa

Suit Many Front loader Washing Machine


For Asko Replaces part numbers: 806075

WM90 10505 W600 12002 12004 10504 10505 12002

WM40 WM55, W6721 W6751 W6761 W6762 W6782, W6562 W6562L W6582 W6582L, W6231 W6235

W6241 W6341, W660 W6641 W6651 W6661, W620 W6220 W6221 W6221WOD, WMC75 WMC75P

WMC75V, W640 W6430 W6431 W6441 W6445, WM40 WM55 WMC55 WMC55V, W650 W6520


Replaces part numbers: 8061757, 251801, 5520FR2075A, 5520FR2075B, 5221EN2003A, 1727517, 1656019, 5220FR2009F

Package Included:

1X 3-Way Cold Water Inlet Valve

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